PPC and AWANA bring you our first PINE CAR DERBY of 2020

View the race “CLICK HERE”

Thank you to all the participants and those who helped set up and make this event possible. I would also like to give a special Thanks to Adam Wehner for helping us make the live presentation and this video possible. 

If this gets your blood pumping, Sign up for the next race! the summer derby will be in July and we would like to have all the kids join in. kits will be supplied free of charge to those entering the race. You can make a full custom car, or we have templates, paints, stickers, and helping hands to make it fun for all. The Race is ON!!!

Kids Corner

Good News Club
U-Nite was created to provide fun wholesome content for children and help them unite with the Bible. We aim to create videos that kids want to watch and that parents want their children watching. We are working on new content so be sure to subscribe.

Resilient Disciples Curriculum

AWANA has online resources emerging to create the next generation of disciples. They have published a book called Resilient 

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